i like big butts and i can not lie

Does anyone remember that song by Sir Mix-a-lot called Baby Got Back? Well if you don’t know it, you must go have a listen. One of the fitness trainers that i used to go to, loved doing exercises on this song :)) . Anyway for all you others who remember it and love butts, not necesarely big ones :D, here’s a little something you might like to have: the night lamp “I love butt-on”.

Designer Ashish Chaudhary created this Butt-On for butt lovers. Made from soft translucent silicon based rubber for a better tactile feel, Butt-On is a low wattage night lamp with integrated switch. Pinch the Butt(on) it turns the light on and can be turned off by pinching it again. Ahh don’t you just want to pinch it? :))

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