new member in the family

Yesterday our crazy neighbor showed up at our door holding in her hands a tiny creature. Well the thing is, she found a little birdie on the streets, probably fallen from a nest and rescued it from the hungry mouths of our neighborhood cats. Since she owns a cat as well, she asked us to take care of the bird till she gets on her…hmm not feet..wings ;)) So frighten and scared the birdie didn’t want to eat anything. Today when we woke up, we heard some funny noise…thinking it was the alarm clock or some phone ringing on and on…we found out it was actually the little birdie crying in the kitchen, probably calling for her mommy :( But hurray hurray we actually managed to feed the little thingie today hehe. Well hope she’ll get big and start flying on her own in a couple of days. Still thinking of a name for it, if you got any ideas, we’re opened to suggestions

3 Responses to “new member in the family”

  1. Bogdan says:

    I recommend TweeKy

  2. Carlinhos says:

    I sugere …. “Lovely Singer” … “Little help from my friends” … or “Missing” …

  3. Nini says:

    I recommend “Ciupy” :))